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Let's bring art to the streets.

Client: Track / S.M.A.K.

Campaign, Concept, Branding, Design, Web, Communication

Track was a temporary exhibition of 30 international artists that took place on different public locations in Ghent in the summer of 2012. Gonzales took care of the communication.

This communication, however essential, could never pretend to be a work of art itself. It should show the way rather than define it. One might look at it as non-design with a clear idea. Subordinate to the work of the artists but nevertheless present and constantly evolving.

A city has no boundaries, art has no boundaries, Track has no boundaries, said the manifesto of Track. So we decided the communication should have no boundaries either. The colour pallet and the different typefaces stayed true to the concept of the exposition, creating diversity and dialogue.

Here you have a selection of printed material: leaflets, posters, flags, exhibition guides, ads, postcards, tickets, bags, ...

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