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Client: MTV

Movie, Posters, Design

In December 2010, Generation MTV released their new offer. Whoever signed up, called for free after 19 hours during the week, and during the entire weekend. The offer is a perfect answer to the question of many youngsters that want more free options on their mobile use.

We decided to hype ’19:00’. The campaign has the real ‘TV-series’ look and feel. It consisted of a TV-campaign and a print/poster part. The posters were singular and clear. A teaser was activated 1 minute before 19:00. (clarity and simplicity are key drivers by the way, when it comes down to communicating with young people.)

The different spots were a pastiche on ‘24’. We see a bunch of people that come in contact with each other in a nightly setting. The individuals are not chosen randomly. Together, they contribute to a greater story where ‘calling for free’ plays a funny but absurd leading role.

In a second follow-up spot, we referred to the short film. ’19:00’ tells the story of a young man on his hopeless nightly search for tampons, for his demanding girlfriend. The short film was released online and shown on MTV for a week in the late hours. It was also shown on a special Proximus happening in cinema.

Result: The campaign was a huge success. The strong offer and style was appealing to young people. It became the second best campaign since the launch of Generation MTV in 2008.

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