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Let's say it with flowers.

Client: Floor / VLAM

Social Media, Concept, Design

Floor is an initiative by VLAM, a governmental organization that promotes Flemish agricultural products. Floor aims to reintroduce flowers and plants into the lifestyle of young people.

Gonzales planted the seeds for Floor and let it grow. We came up with a concept to launch Floor with a movie on Facebook around Valentine’s Day. The movie appeals to youngsters by using a contemporary language and a snappy style. The general idea, copy and most of the images are made by Gonzales. Linde Merckpoel lend her voice. She’s a well-known presenter of Studio Brussel, the most popular radio station for young people in Flanders.

The film was posted on Floor’s Facebook page, which serves as a platform for youngsters about flowers and plants. There, they can find tips, inspiration and fresh ideas for inventive gardening on a tight budget. New concepts will regularly sprout up on Floor’s Facebook page.

Floor is alive. But most of all, Floor is still growing. And with a regular dose of water from Gonzales, it will never stop.

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