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Client: Vlaamse Overheid

Design, Graphic Design, Manifest

Gonzales won the pitch for the Flemish Youth Policy 2020 with a clear and simple insight. To plan the lives of young people in 2020 seemed irrelevant to us. Youngsters experience mood swings, change opinions more often than underwear and live more in the now than in the later. To make mistakes and to change are part of being young and are essential in the growing process. Perhaps even existential.

We wanted to express just that, with a logo based on the Chinese tangram puzzle. A logo that can change into different shapes, forms and personalities. The process of youth.

The manifest of the Flemish Youth Plan is a book with the same philosophy. You can make notes in the book, corrections, or just tear pages out. Flashy government scrap paper, funded with tax money. Why not?

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