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Client: DSM

Movie, Copywriting, Story, Camera

DNCC Nanjing is a Chinese chemical company, expanding from a state owned company to a DSM company. A company where health and safety of the employees are very important and where being environmentally friendly is key. Gonzales was assigned to make a presentation film for the DSM SHE Awards 2011 (Safety – Health - Environment) to show DNCC’s recent evolution on these matters.

The film portrayed the people of the company. Pure and honest. Gonzales was responsible for concept, direction, images, interviews and editing. The whole film was shot and finished in China within four days. And even in China a day only has 24 hours. Spicy detail: tofu in chili sauce.

Quote: "We didn't know what the hell you were doing and how this was ever going to be a film. But in the end the result was inspiring and very different from what we were used to. Impressive". Vanessa Wu Tingting, DNCC Nanjing Communication Department.

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